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Are you looking for brighter and newer challenges? Do you intend to give  a much needed boost to your career? Are you ready for an interesting  job role, a lucrative salary? We are at  your doorstep, bringing you a plethora of career opportunities in Germany! 

As  an employee in Germany you will have very strong benefits. Many German  laws will protect you, and the social security is very good compared to  the rest of the world.  If  you work for trust7 or one of our clients, there are additional  benefits. We help you to get a work permit or Blue Card, we provide  valuable consultation, and trust7’s large community provides advice on all aspects of moving to Germany and adjusting to your new home.

Some  areas have a high demand for experienced experts.  If your skills fit  into one of these areas you should send us your current CV.   We will  check our open positions and help you to find a promising job.

Areas with a very high demand are for example C++, UX Design, IoT, AI, E-Mobility and E-Commerce.

Executive Search

The clients who entrust trust7 with their search for new personnel are   not risking anything, for we work on a success basis. 

trust7  has been at your service for many years now. Over time, it has  developed into a bigger and better enterprise. We take pride in  announcing that our community Website has now over 6000 registered  users, and our online community is amplifying with each passing day. Our  forum members are steadfast in responding to the posted queries in the  most genuine manner. Each day we get queries from professionals and job  enthusiasts regarding the prospective job avenues in Germany or about  the newer and more promising job roles. The profiles of the candidates  short listed are thoroughly reviewed by our expert panel to ensure right  job to the right candidate. We value trust in us and guarantee 100%  customer satisfaction. trust7 believes in delivering results within the  stipulated time to win over our clientele thereby encouraging brand  loyalty. After all, your belief in us is what keeps us going. 

Bring Your Business to Germany

The German economy is strong, and now is a good time to explore bringing your business into the Germany. With 18 years of experience supporting international businesses relocating into Germany from outside the EU, we are seasoned guides to the safe and cost effective way to bring your business to Germany.  Rather than diving into founding a company, we suggest an incremental, low-risk approach to establishing a business after relocating to Germany.

1. Start with a representative business address and evaluate the market for your services/products. Relocating to Germany is possible at this stage. 

 2. Next set up a dependent branch of your company by forming a business in Germany and pay taxes where the head office is located.

3. Finally set up an independent branch or a new company to get incentives from  Germany and to improve the business possibilities which you already explored.

Our network of native Germans has inside knowledge of the German way of business, and we can refer you to experienced immigration experts and other services you may need to get established.

About Us

Our Community

trust7 has been serving the highly qualified professionals who reside in  Germany and from all around the world since many years now.  Our  community website  trust7.com has over 6000 registered users, the forum members help and guide each other. 

Our online community is just getting bigger by the day, and it's more like a family of experts.


With 18 years of experiences as a consultancy specialized on foreign  investors, inside knowledge of the German way of business, as native  Germans with the very best reputation, we offer support to foreign  companies from different economic sectors for establishing branch  offices in Germany or founding a German company.

A specialzed Consultant with perfect German language skills will support you.

Customer Relation

trust7  has a principle of trust built over years; not through  tricks, techniques or tools but by character. So when you say trust, you  have said it all.

Being  number 1 is extremely overrated, trust7 aspires not to be influenced by  any number games but to strive hard to be the most bankable player in  the market . To provide value services in order to open new doors of  opportunity to our esteemed customers, and to increase their visibility  are some of the rudimentary goals of our business.


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